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Practice Business

  • Practising pharmacy: making it happen

    Practising pharmacy: making it happen

    So far this week, we’ve discussed the workforce crisis in general practice. Join us today as we’ll be talking about action points to make practice-based pharmacists a reality

  • Practising pharmacy

    Practising pharmacy

    Two clinicians make the case for practice-based pharmacists to become a formalised role for the future

  • Social prescribing: transforming lives

    So far this week we’ve talked about the history of social prescribing. Join us today as we’ll be discussing the way it can change a patient’s life

  • History of social prescribing

    The essence of social prescribing and a holistic approach to a patient’s care has been integral to primary care for decades

  • Evolving to holistic intervention

    Social prescribing calls for a holistic approach as it involves multiple models and definitions. A clear GP referral route, a local focus, methods to provide holistic support to clients and high levels of support with clients are the preferred model in Bristol