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Patients and PPI

  • Dr Mark Hunt

    How long should patients wait?

    Figures released by the Patients Association show a significant increase in waiting times for some operations in NHS hospitals in 2011 compared with the figures for the previous year.

  • Better care for patients

    Patients are already benefitting from GPs starting to take a lead in designing local health services and a renewed focus on health outcomes.

  • Alan Silman

    Patient information to take away

    Patients need accurate information to better manage long-term conditions such as arthritis but many quickly forget what they have been told during a consultation with a nurse or GP.

  • Website helps patients educate themselves

    People living with long-term conditions can now care for and educate themselves about their condition by logging on to a new website launched by NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

  • Budgets give patients freedom to choose

    Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust is one of just 20 PCTs invited to be "an evaluated Pilot scheme" for Personal Health Budgets, which are to be launched early next year. The PCT is working with Oxfordshire Social and Community Services, voluntary organisations and the South Central Strategic Health Authority to develop the use of Personal Healthcare Budgets in Continuing Healthcare. Norma Beavers reports...

  • Patient information - a must have

    Patient information - in this instance the information we give to them not about them - is a vital element in providing care to patients. It allows them, if they wish, to take a more active role in their care, and improves the relationship they have with health professionals. The best businesses place the customer at the centre of their efforts; so do the best health professionals.