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- bringing together GP Consortia, PCTs, clinicians and managers in primary care.

  • Integrated care scheme not best for Sunderland, says Alliance

    City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust is planning to enter into a pilot integrated care scheme with a local primary care provider, Church View Medical Practice. Under the scheme, City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust and Church View Medical Practice will merge into one entity, whereby City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust will directly employ the staff of the Church View Medical Practice. But the pilot integrated care scheme proposed by City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust is against the best interest of both patients and taxpayers, argues the NHS Alliance.

  • Whose NHS is it anyway?

    By Brian Fisher, PPI Lead, NHS Alliance"Whose NHS is it anyway?" is a timely question. According to the new NHS Constitution: "The NHS belongs to the people". But what does that really mean to patients, carers, NHS board members, GPs, nurses and leaders at local and national level? We need to find out and quickly.

  • The NHS needs new answers

    This year's NHS Alliance conference in Manchester is set to be primary care's "finest hour". An NHS beset by limited, zero or even negative economic growth is having to think again. How can we improve patients' ability to help themselves, improve their personal health and develop better health within the wider community?

  • New Apex guides to Practice Based Commissioning

    Practice Based Commissioning is the only way forward to a better health service that is accessible and integrated, and which gives patients and health care professionals the tools they need to tackle some long-standing issues such as cost efficiency and inequalities

  • Annual conference

    The recession combined with lack of trust in public services mean that the NHS and the Government face difficult political and economic challenges ahead. As a result health services will only get better if primary care finally takes the lead it has been handed but political leaders must also sharpen up their vision, says Michael Sobanja, Chief Executive, NHS Alliance

  • Hard times or times of opportunity?

    By Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance As we approach the dog days of summer and everlasting sunshine (I hope!) the challenges facing us are beginning to multiply. Swine flu progresses ever faster, the economic downturn goes ever deeper and the political climate becomes ever more changeable. For the faint hearted, this might seem like a time to lie low and wait for further instructions

  • Social enterprises

    The challenges facing the development of social enterprises in the NHS are the focus of a discussion paper just published by the NHS Alliance.

  • NEDNET takes new approach to networking and reform

    By Dr Ade Adeagbo, Chair, NHS Alliance Network for Non-Executive Directors (NEDNET) The NHS Alliance Network for Non-Executive Directors (NEDNET) is shifting gear in light of NHS reform and the needs for our network to be more focused and strategic in how it operates......

  • Just Imagine...

    By Dr Michael Dixon - Chairman NHS Alliance Just imagine if all community services were excellent, integrated and cost-effective. Imagine too that the workforce were positive and happy. Imagine all GPs, Practice Managers and Practices being enthused by their new ability to improve local services and develop health initiatives as practice-based commissioners.