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NHS Alliance

- bringing together GP Consortia, PCTs, clinicians and managers in primary care.

  • NHS Alliance

    For GPs, it's time to take the lead

    Over many years, the NHS Alliance has championed the right of frontline GPs and their patients to shape local services, ensuring that resources are used effectively. We welcome government plans for GP commissioning and see in it a unique opportunity for frontline GPs, managers and other clinicians who work with them to make a real difference to the health of their patients, the services they receive and to make the best of limited resources.

  • Care provided locally is the NHS' future

    Primary care holds the answer to saving costs and improving productivity in the NHS and David Cameron and Nick Clegg's new Liberal/Conservative Coalition government should make it a priority.

  • Dr Ade Adeagbo, NHS Alliance

    Corporate Governance redesign: Lessons to be learned

    The global financial crisis has revealed some major weaknesses in the direction and control of many large publicly-traded companies, especially in the financial sector, and this is now having an impact on the public sector arena including the NHS.

  • Dr Michael Dixon, NHS Alliance

    GP Co-operatives may be next step

    "If a centrally run NHS, driven by targets and the whims of senior managers and clinicians, doesn't work. If an NHS, run by private sector corporates as in the US, doesn't work. What is the way forward?" This was the question discussed at length by Dr Michael Dixon at a conference organized by the Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Service.

  • Dr Michael Dixon,


    Many years ago I worked with a doctor who always began answering every concern or problem put to him by his patients with the word "good". I once asked him why he did this and his reply was that it gave him time to think and it started things off on a positive note!Amidst our bleak mid winter, financial downturn and political uncertainty we may need to develop a similar mindset. In fact things are pretty good already.

  • Celebrate our success

    Twelve years and a General Election in the near future make it a good time to take stock for the NHS and NHS Alliance. Starting with the past, let’s pause for a second and celebrate our successes.

  • Acorn Award winners

    The nine winners of the NHS Alliance Acorn Awards 2009 received their certificates atThe NHS Alliance Annual Conference held in Manchester. Commenting on the awards Michael Sobanja, chief executive of the NHS Alliance, said: “The NHS is an incredible organisation that achieves much more than it is given credit for; it is also a hard taskmaster. That’s why the Acorn Awards are so important.

  • Sustaining the Vision

    The quest for an NHS that delivers top quality services at a cost-effective price is the focus of a new policy/discussion document just published by the NHS Alliance. Called Sustaining the Vision: how the NHS can survive the looming financial crisis, the report debates how world class services can be achieved at a time when the NHS must cope with limited, zero or even negative economic growth.

  • NEDs go online

    The NHS Alliance's Non-Executive Directors Network (NEDNET), is establishing a new website with plans to launch it this month (October). In line with NEDNET's priorities for 2010, the website is intended to allow Non Executive Directors to exchange information and discuss good practice and experiences

  • World class commissioning of pharmacy services

    PCTs are looking to further improve patient care, save money, reduce hospital admissions, improve primary care services and demonstrate a commitment to commissioning services from a wider range of providers.