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- bringing together GP Consortia, PCTs, clinicians and managers in primary care.

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    Taking a hard look at urgent care

    Creating an integrated urgent care, which is fit for purpose and delivers the best care for patients, requires a hard look at the current system and full involvement of general practice and clinical commissioners, a new report reveals.

  • NHS Alliance

    The government cannot afford to mess it up this time

    "The NHS is facing one of its most severe financial crises yet and, unless clinical commissioning and leadership remains truly at the heart of the health reforms, patients will bear the brunt of a system that will become incapable of delivering better health for better value." This is the stark message from Dr Michael Dixon at the King's Fund/NHS Alliance conference for GP Commissioning Pathfinder leaders in London.

  • Year of Hope - but not for the Fainthearted

    By Dr Michael DixonChairman, NHS Alliance 2011 is set to be the year when GP commissioning irreversibly comes of age. It has been a long haul. Since we invented the term "GP Commissioning" in theearly 1990s and formed the "National Association of Commissioning GPs" in 1993 (to be succeeded by NHS Alliance in 1998) our fundamental message has been the same.

  • Dr Michael Dixon

    Primary care must grasp the 'Best of both Worlds'

    Current health reform is rightly seen as the most radical set of reforms since 1948. In spite of almost endless reform over the past few years, the NHS - and primary care in particular - has kept itself together and delivered pretty well. That has been very much due to the people and the relationships, their expertise and commitment and the feeling that the NHS and its patients really matter. We must keep all of these things in the "new world" and all clinicians and managers must now work hard to keep the best bits of the past as they prepare for the future.