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NHS Alliance

- bringing together GP Consortia, PCTs, clinicians and managers in primary care.

  • Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance

    Can bad news become good?

    The NHS has been battered and bruised by both the media and politicians this past year. In some cases rightly – we should never shy away from confronting care that lacks kindness or efficacy – but it’s too easy to let the negatives get in the way of the extraordinary positives of our health service.

  • Crystal Oldman, Chief Executive of the Queen’s Nursing Institute

    District nurse crisis flags up problems for GPs

    GPs face major challenges with the ‘accountable clinician’ model for the frail elderly, said Dr Michael Dixon, chairman, NHS Alliance. Speaking at the NHS Alliance Annual Conference in London he warned that one of the challenges is how to expand the General practice workforce – particularly working with more district nurses.

  • Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance

    Single budget could kick start integrated services

    Moving care out of hospitals and giving General practice more control may result in a new approach to funding that will see the end of separate budgets for primary and secondary care at national and local level, said Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance and Interim President, NHS Clinical Commissioners.

  • Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance

    GPs challenged by care outside of hospitals

    Forward looking GP practices are planning how they can create a critical mass – via a large practice, federation or creating a social enterprise/company – that can offer an increasing number of services previously provided in hospital.

  • Dr Michael Dixon, Chair NHS Alliance

    Alliance crafts manifesto, plans busy year ahead

    This year will see a huge change in NHS Alliance’s role from being primarily a membership organisation for commissioners, to becoming primarily a membership organisation for GP practices, primary care providers and individual clinicians, managers and patients.