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Revalidation completed by over 90%

Revalidation completed by over 90%

Over 90 per cent of nurses and midwives due to renew their registration have now completed the revalidation process, according to new data

Posted: 2 August 2016

The report, published by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), showed that the process is currently in line with expectations and that there is no evidence of revalidation having an adverse effect on the register.

Jane Beach, professional officer at Unite/CPHVA, Britain and Ireland's largest trade union, said that while it is good to see positive results, it is still early days.

“The next quarter report will provide a more accurate view after 51,000 registrants have gone through the process.

“The independent evaluation commissioned by the NMC will also provide more insight and will be able to investigate for example, whether any of those who lapsed their registration, did so because they couldn’t get through the process.

“We are beginning to hear from members that they are having issues and would urge any that are to get in touch so we can report back to the NHC, the issues experienced,” she added.

The figures also show that across the four countries, revalidation rates are very similar. NMC chief executive and registrar, Jackie Smith, said this demonstrates that nurses and midwives across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are embracing the process.

“Feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive,” she added.

Revalidation was introduced by the NMC in April 2016, and it is the biggest change to the regulation of nurses and midwives in the NMC’s history.

The process makes it possible for the UK’s 692,000 nurses and midwives to demonstrate on a regular basis that they can deliver care in a safe, effective and professional way.