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CCG collaborates with father and son to raise awareness of gambling addiction

Sheffield CCG has teamed up with a father and son to help raise GP’s awareness and understanding of gambling addiction.

Posted: 29 July 2016

Adam Bradford, and his father David, hope their campaign will give GPs the tools they need to identify the signs of gambling addiction, and signpost individuals to support services. 

The awareness-raising programme includes leaflets, help sheets and online learning resources.

Dr Steve Thomas, Sheffield GP and NHS Sheffield CCG clinical director lead for mental health, said: “Problem gambling definitely has negative health consequences for some people – including low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, substance misuse and depression.

“It could probably be argued that this has been an addiction that has somewhat passed under the radar for many years, but with an increase in online gambling is increasingly coming to the fore.

“We are happy to do what we can to help raise awareness, so that members of the public can recognise some of the health issues that relate to gambling addiction in themselves and their family members and hopefully get the help and support they need to overcome their addition and the negative health consequences that can come with it.”

Sheffield CCG staff have also been offered a talk by David on gambling awareness.

Adam and David are now urging other CCGs to support the initiative and encourage GPs to be aware of the signs of gambling addiction.