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Julian Osborne, IT Manager, IMS Maxims

Should the NHS empower its own IT champions?

OPINION: The time may be right for NHS Trusts to work together to leverage the IT know-how of their own organisations and that of their fellow NHS organisations, argues Julian Osborne (pictured), IT Manager, IMS Maxims.

Andrea Sutcliffe

Care and support options go online

A quarter of adults who already use care provision say they struggled to find the care they needed and feel they ended up with the wrong type of support.

Chai Chuah

New Zealand's IT may hold key to quality care

A new focus on Health IT may hold the key to some of the cost effective solutions Clinical Commissioning Groups are searching for, said Chai Chuah (pictured), National Director of the National Health Board at the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Shifting power to the local NHS

A profound shift of decision-making to the local NHS means that clinicians lead change in information technology, ensuring its freedom to innovate, the Health Secretary said at the launch of the Chief Clinical Information Officers network.