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Kidney zap breakthrough

By Professor Neil Turner, Chairman, Kidney Research UK "This week's announcement, concerning the pioneering medical breakthrough in treating high blood pressure through the use of radio waves directed to the kidney, is welcome news indeed."

Men Twice More Likely to Develop Kidney Cancer Than Women

According to new research conducted by Cancer UK & the National Cancer Intelligence Network, men are twice as likely to develop kidney cancer than women, despite the fact that there doesn't appear to be any biological reasons for this.

Doctors criticise Government plans for preventative screenings

Government plans for a national health screening programme have been criticised by doctors who say they have not been consulted about how universal preventive screening can be accomplished by the end of this year. The bid to revolutionise the NHS by focusing it on preventive care and personalised care has been welcomed as a positive step forward; but doctors say there are pitfalls, which need to be avoided.